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«Platinum» - manufacturer of door hardware, locking mechanisms and fasteners for doors. The main priority of our activity is the production of affordable and at the same time high-quality door furniture for retail and wholesale customers.

Reliability in everything
Our production

For reliable and durable operation of the door leaf, high-quality door hardware is required, such as door locks, handles for entrance or interior doors, door hinges and cylinder mechanisms.

Our company offers door accessories Platinum, with which your doors will not only function perfectly, but will also give their unique style to the interior, ensure the safety of the premises and will last for many years.

Door locks

We care about the security of your home, office or any other room, offering locks for entrance and interior doors made of high-quality metal alloys that have reliable locking mechanisms.

For entrance doors, mortise-type locks with lever and cylinder lock mechanisms are the best option. For interior doors, locks with a latch or a magnetic latch are often used as a lock.

Door accessories Platinum - a variety of locking mechanisms: snap locks, gate valves, latches, door locks for a cylinder or level locks.

Door locks

Decorative overlays

Decorative overlays give the door leaf a neat appearance and provide additional security for the lock. Pads can be of any style, shape and color.

It is convenient to establish latch clamps in bathrooms. They are designed so that the door can be closed only on one side.

Door linings Platinum are an original design, high strength and reliability, ease of installation and additional protection of the lock mechanism.

Decorative overlays

Sliding systems

The sliding system is a door leaf with mechanisms that, when opened, moves to the side. Such door opening systems are used both to save space, and when dividing large rooms into zones.

Platinum sliding systems include: guides for the door leaf, sliding handles with a lock and key, kits for mounting sliding doors or folding doors.

Choosing door fittings from the Platinum sliding systems section you can be sure of the ease of installation and the elegant design of the entire structure. Hinged and roller mechanisms for opening the door leaf will allow you to use the space of the premises more efficiently.

Sliding systems

Door handles

The control of the lock and door leaf is the main function of the door handles. High-quality and stylish handles Platinum provide a long service life and fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

Adhering to trends and modern technologies, we are ready to offer many models of door handles of various colors, shapes and styles: zinc, classic style, modern, avant-garde and in other designs.

All Platinum door handles we produce are a modern aesthetic design and guaranteed quality. The use of durable materials and reliable designs ensures full functioning and comfortable operation every day.

Door handles

Snap handles

Knobs with a latch are called a door knob - a simple mechanism combining a handle and a lock or latch, usually used in interior doors of an economy class.

We offer a wide range of handles with latch Platinum: round, push, rotary, with and without locking mechanism.

Knob Platinum can be with a rounded swivel part, a push mechanism and an elongated handle. Door knob can be made in various designs and, depending on the purpose, have a lock, latch or a simple latch. All these options have their advantages, so the choice of a particular model will depend on the taste preferences of the buyer and the ultimate goal.

Snap handles

Door hinges

Door hinges are an integral element of any door unit. The reliability of installation and the service life of the door leaf as a whole depend on the choice of door hinges. Hinges are responsible for the smoothness and quietness of opening / closing the door leaf and can hold a large weight of the door structure.

Door hinges are distinguished by functionality and decorative appearance. Detachable hinge models make it easy to remove the door leaf and mount on both the right and left sides. Universal hinges allow you to open the doors in and out; they are suitable for most types of doors. Mortise hinges are mounted in the end of the door, and invoices do not require a frame and are easy to install.

Door hinges Platinum are made of high quality materials and have various designs and technical designs.

Door hinges

Cylinder mechanisms

The cylinder mechanism is the basis of the lock (the larva or core of the lock), providing secrecy and protection against opening. Cylinders are applicable to locks on both entrance and interior doors, depending on the type of lock and the required security.

Currently, cylinder locks are the most common, they are popular due to ease of use, ease of installation, easy replacement of the locking mechanism - cylinder and control methods: key-key or key-turntable.

A large number of models are presented in the Platinum brand cylinders, which differ in their security system, type of control and purpose. All cylinder mechanisms Platinum are made of durable metal alloys, which gives them additional security.

Cylinder mechanisms

Other door hardware

Door accessories Platinum is not only door handles that are pleasant to touch or reliable locking mechanisms, but also other products - the result of many years of work in the market of door furniture and the recognition of customers.

These are elements such as: floor stops, door crossbars (end stops) and door lock sets. The range of door accessories Platinum offers a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit any door structure.

Door accessories Platinum simplify the daily use of entrance or interior doors and make this process almost invisible, due to the high build quality and reliable mechanisms.

Other door hardware

Door hardware from the manufacturer

Our company has its own production of door hardware and accessories for entrance or interior doors, we deliver doors products Platinum to stores in the city of Rostov-on-Don and the entire Southern Federal District, for individual orders we can also arrange shipment to other regions of Russia on a contractual basis .

Thanks to the use of high quality materials, we guarantee the ease of use and long life of our products. Turning to us for Platinum door hardware, you get not only quality products, but also affordable prices, a large selection and variety of colors.

To discuss options and conditions for cooperation, please fill out the feedback form on our website.

Door hardware at retail

Door hardware and accessories Platinum is always available in our warehouse.

You can buy Platinum door furniture in Rostov-on-Don retail stores, or make an order for placing an order directly from our website through the feedback form.

Turning to our company, you can always count on the lowest prices for Platinum door furniture, high quality and modern service.

Door hardware wholesale

Having our own production of Platinum door furniture, we are ready to offer uninterrupted supplies to chain stores in Rostov-on-Don or another city in Russia on a contractual basis.

We are constantly expanding the range of Platinum door hardware and keep pace with the times, tracking trends and market demand. Having our own warehouse and production, we are ready to offer a large assortment and the presence of Platinum door furniture.

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